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Hemanshu Thaker, Co-Founder, Treasure Assets


"Frea was recommended to me by my wife at a time when I was looking for clarity in various aspects of my life. In this fast and frantic world we all live in, it's great to have someone who can make you pause and help you reflect on your true self and what that means to your future prosperity, spiritually, emotionally, mentally and financially. All are important to me. Timing is everything!


Thank you Frea, I look forward to your continued guiding light. 



Fi Haywood, Founder of Cafe Style Speed Training


“As a creative visionary, I thrive on cutting edge innovation that gets the best out of people and their businesses. So whilst I'm out there steering my own enterprise, I have a successful team around me to ground results.


On my team, Frea is my go-to person to retune me to my overall purpose and personal values, why I'm doing what I'm doing and what specifically, out of a multitude of priorities is the thing to focus on to leverage the most success. She's totally holds my best interests at heart…and guides with a no-nonsense, directive, can-do approach.


In a busy world, of lightening quick change, it's this clarity of direction combined with laser sharp precision that's required to create a legacy that makes a difference in the world.


Everyone should be blessed with ‘Frea’ to intelligently and holistically guide them through their professional and personal life to add value to themselves and leave the planet a better place than when they arrived.”



Stella Fehmi, Owner,The Athena Network, West Essex & The City Regions, London


"A Prosperity Mapping Session with Frea is a welcome opportunity to take some me-time.  I find myself juggling family, home, work, the community of entrepreneurial women I serve, business opportunities, latest trends, with little time to pause and recharge. Scheduling in a session with Frea provides perspective, refocuses my priorities and recharges my faith in this path I'm called to lead."



Kathy Ennis, Your Brand is You


"As a business mentor I am conscious of the need for all business owners to continually develop their skill-set and to seek external support and guidance if they are to remain focussed - and profitable. Working with Frea on my Prosperity Map gave me an insight into myself and my approach to my own business. Using methodologies and resources that are unusual - and extremely thought provoking - Frea was able to pin-point areas of my business and personal development I should concentrate on as well as highlight the most appropriate times of the year to do so. I now have a 'road map' for my business for the next 12 months."

Lilley Harvey, Founder of Peacock Tree Yoga


"Frea's Prosperity Mapping sessions have been an an annual personal development event on my calendar for the past 9 years. Each session has inspired me to steer my path towards fulfilling my life purpose, creating a thriving yoga business and marrying my soul mate! This is practical can-do guidance to living my life to the full, in the flow of the year ahead."

Heather Waring, Director, Waring Well


"Thank you Frea for a fabulous session this morning. I feel so much lighter now and also I feel motivated and enlightened. I found the whole process really interesting and very exciting and it feels great to see that I am on the right track. It all felt so ‘me’ and fully expresses my full being. I’m going to be telling all my contacts about you because every one should have a session with you."


Sharon Eden, The Depression Coach, Founder of Bounce Back UK and Author


"When I had my first reading with Frea I was already engaged in creating a new business venture in my life and more self-development. However, I was blown away by how that reading accurately revealed my direction and things about me which massively supported who I was, what I was doing and where I am going. Even more than that, it’s as if Frea could see into my Soul. So, it was an absolute no brainer to engage Frea as a member of my Success Team. I highly recommend her services if you’re an entrepreneur who really  wants to go places!"

Sharon Agates, Founder of Agape Cottage


"Thank you Frea O'Brien for an inspiring and soulful session! You are definitely an expert in your field! I was blown away by all the information that came from my date of birth and name. My time with you has left me with clarity, structure, a plan for 2015 and confirmation of God's call on my life and ministry. My Prosperity Map is fixed on my vision board as a guiding inspirational reminder of when to take those milestone actions this year. It is the best gift I could have given myself."


Jude Claybourne, Coach, Communication & Play Specialist


"My Prosperity Map consultation blew me away. By nature, I’m often skeptical and hard to impress, but Frea’s astuteness and the depth of her expertise have converted me. 


The information she gave me was thorough and highly personal. It has given me inspiration, renewed drive to do what I’m here to do and some pragmatic suggestions to help me get there. It’s clear that the guidance she offers is in service of me as her client and is driven by the numerological structure.


Frea delivers her insights with natural warmth and she knows her stuff inside out. At many times, I felt like she was reading my mind – she’d say something I was just thinking, then take it to the next level. Detailed preparation, a comprehensive report and a practical follow-up call ensure that everything’s in place to make the most of the prosperity map for the full year to come. It’s an investment for success and I’m very grateful to have received it."