The Prosperity Map © is owned by Frea O'Brien 

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Navigate the lift-off, expansion and 

legacy building growth of your business.

It's all in the numbers!

Discover your unique Prosperity Code,

that unlocks your direct path to success. 



Derived from your date of birth and your name, your Prosperity Code points towhat business you'll be successful in. 


 Unique to you, the Prosperity Map directs the action to take this year with precise timing.


Discover your three Milestone Dates for your year ahead, crucial breakthrough points to landing your goals.


It's all in the planning. Your month by month action and income tracker that keeps you in the flow. Now, you're in business!


Heather Waring,

Director, Waring Well Ltd

It feels great to know I'm on the right track to growing my business. It's an approach that feels so 'me' and gives me the confidence to fully express my full being. I feel so much lighter, motivated and enlightened. I tell all my contacts about Frea because I believe everyone should have a Prosperity Mapping. 

Lilley Harvey,

Founder, Peacock Tree Yoga

This is practical can-do guidance to living my life to the full. An annual mapping with Frea has been on my calendar for over a decade! Everytime, I'm inspired to steer my path towards fulfilling my life purpose, creating a thriving yoga business and even marrying my soul mate!

Fi Hills,

Thought Leader, The Mind Warrior

Frea is my go-to person to retune my legacy building purpose,  my vision and what specifically, out of a multitude of priorities, is the thing to focus on to leverage the most success. She totally holds my best interests at heart and guides with a no-nonsense, directive, can-do approach. Clarity leads to bold action which leads to   big results.